Take Control Of Your Child Custody Dispute

Custody and parental access concerns are some of the most complicated issues parents face during a divorce. We are here to listen and provide sage counsel to guide you through these complicated waters. Your family deserves the best custodial arrangement possible and we will work tirelessly to achieve a result that works for you and your children.

When Typical Custody Plans Won’t Work…

Every child is different as is every family. What works for one, may not be right for another. So we develop innovative custody and access solutions to meet your family’s unique needs.

… Put Us On The Job

And when a negotiated settlement is not feasible, our lawyers will not back down from a fight, especially when your children’s best interests are at stake. When it comes to complex child custody disputes, we are “hands on, and gloves off.”

When It Comes To Child Custody Issues You Are Not Alone

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