Domestic Violence And Parental Alienation In Custody Cases

Allegations of domestic violence are prevalent in many divorces. Claims that one or both parties were physically, emotionally or sexually abusive are taken very seriously by New York courts and often result in the issuance of orders of protection. And, if such allegations are proven, they will likely effect the ultimate determination in a child custody case.

Robert Wallack started his career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan DA’s Office where he served in both the Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes units. Having prosecuted countless offenders, he employs his vast experience in this area when dealing with these issues in his divorce practice.

Parental alienation occurs when one parent attempts to poison the relationship between a child and the other parent. It is not only heart-wrenching, but it’s also considered a form of child abuse and it is one of the most distressing problems associated with marriage dissolution. Studies show that some form of alienating behavior is present in 90% of high-conflict divorce cases. It is a growing crisis which requires immediate attention and intervention to tackle.

Robert Wallack has achieved ground-breaking results in taking alienation cases to trial. This disturbing phenomenon has gained recognition among experts, lawyers and courts who were long-unprepared for the problem. And, many courts are now willing to combat the issue head-on, thanks in part to the success Robert Wallack has achieved in the courtroom.

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