Could your work trips affect your plea for child custody?

As a busy professional and a parent, you know first-hand the toll the delicate dance you’ve had to do to manage your frequent business trips and raising your kids. If you’re facing divorce, it’s important to think about how your trips will affect your chances for custody.

Why would this impact a custody order?

A judge will always want to know how active a parent is in their child’s life prior to divorce. If your spouse has been the one doing most of the child-rearing while you’re away, you might face an uphill battle to prove that you’re just as committed as a parent.

These parenting commitments include:

  • Attending after-school activities
  • Handling medical decisions
  • Managing schoolwork
  • Helping children visit friends and family

The important thing is to demonstrate to a judge that you’re willing and able to be an active and supportive parent during your time with them. Your children will need consistency in education, social life, discipline and expectations between parents if they are going to succeed.

If you’re able to demonstrate this, you can improve your chances of getting a fair custody arrangement. It’s important that you’re aware and honest about your situation and receptive to any recommendations or adjustments the judge may suggest for the child’s wellbeing and stability.

What if the custody arrangement doesn’t work?

Real-life and real business aren’t always predictable. Sometimes business trips come up unexpectedly. Deals don’t go through, emergencies occur, or you may decide to make more time at home for your children after custody is arranged.

If your custody arrangement no longer accurately reflects what works for your family, you may be able to enter mediation or appear before a judge to have it changed. It may even show a greater commitment to your children and your family.

Plenty of children grow up in homes with a traveling parent and become healthy, successful adults. With the right preparation and planning, it is possible to be a dedicated parent and a frequent traveler.