Understanding the rise in divorce among empty nesters

According to research, there is a rise in divorce among empty nesters in New York and around the country. To understand this increase, it is important to investigate the reasons why this happens.

The children held the marriage together

Many couples revolve their lives around their children; hence they keep the marriage together for them. Studies show that children benefit from having both their parents under the same roof, provided there is no abuse occurring in the home. Once the children leave the nest, however, these parents see no point in remaining together. Thus, they go their separate ways. They believe that since the children are grown, they will not be impacted as much by a divorce. Many couples who decide to divorce after the children leave have discussed this arrangement prior to the dissolution of their marriages.

Trying to figure out where life should go

Some couples enter a midlife crisis and are no longer content with how life is going. They feel lost, so they want to figure out what direction to take and believe that remaining together will hinder their chances to explore life to the fullest and seek out new opportunities.

Growing apart

When couples get older, they sometimes grow apart. According to research data, one in three people who divorce in this country are 50 and older, and many gray divorces are occurring because the meaning of marriage is shifting for these individuals.

Before making any decisions, couples weigh their options. Consideration is given to how divorce will impact each person in the marriage financially, and many seek couples’ counseling to help them navigate this phase in life.