Protecting your privacy during a difficult divorce

Privacy can be tough to come by these days. Everything from cellphones and social media to smart home devices makes it easier than ever for details of our private lives to become public information. This can be upsetting, particularly when you are going through a difficult event, such as divorce.

If you are getting divorced, know that there are steps you can take to keep the details of the split private.

Keep it amicable

Contentious divorces can draw more attention than amicable ones. They can also be more likely to go through the courtroom, which creates a public record.

As such, keeping your divorce as amicable as possible can help you maintain some privacy. There may be little interest from others in the details of a standard, peaceful process. And you can avoid litigation by mediating divorce-related matters. Mediation is an alternative to litigation, and one benefit of the process is that the details remain confidential.

Consider confidentiality

Whether you pursue mediation, arbitration or litigation, you may consider including a confidentiality clause in your agreement. A confidentiality clause restricts parties from discussing the details of the divorce. Violating the agreement can result in penalties, such as hefty fines.

While there is some debate over whether such clauses are effective, they could be worth discussing. This is especially true if both parties want to maintain privacy.

Stay away from social media

Keeping your divorce private is much easier when you are not discussing it on social media. Too often, people assume posts and exchanges on Facebook or Instagram are private. However, even if you set your profile to private, it is very easy for anything you share to fall into the wrong hands.

Using social media wisely can allow you to maintain your privacy and avoid sparking rumors or gossip.

Divorce is stressful enough without added scrutiny and intrusion by others, making confidentiality a high priority for a lot of people. Even if you cannot keep all the details of your divorce private, these tips can help you keep better control over what becomes public information.