A prenuptial agreement can protect your future

Preparing to get married in New York is probably one of the most exciting adventures you have ever taken in your life. The thought of spending the rest of your years with someone you care deeply about can be empowering. At The Wallack Firm, we are committed to helping you preserve the parts of your life that are important to your personal protection so no matter what happens, you can enjoy a successful future. 

While approaching the topic of signing a prenuptial agreement may be uncomfortable or even appear unnatural, there are ways you can discuss your concerns in a manner that is compassionate and non-threatening to your significant other. Beginning your discussion by expressing your deep concern for the well-being of your significant other may help him or her to recognize that such an agreement can be a mutually beneficial decision. Involving the guidance of a professional can also aid in making the conversation comfortable, productive and informative. 

According to wealthmanagement.com, some of the aspects of your life that you can mention in a prenuptial agreement include what will happen to joint retirement accounts, investments, income, property and assets if a divorce ever happens. You can also make designations for how you would like affairs to be handled if you have children from a previous marriage. Agreements about who will take over which debts and what actions will or will not be taken to protect each other’s confidentiality in the event of a divorce can also provide reassurance. 

Contrary to what many believe, signing a prenuptial agreement with your significant other can be an excellent way to begin your relationship on grounds of trust and respect. For more information, if you are looking to prepare for your future, visit our web page.