Assault charges filed against father involved in custody dispute

Divorce proceedings in New York can easily become contentious. One often sees the strong positive emotions that a couple once shared with each other quickly turn in the opposite direction due to the complexities that inevitably accompany any divorce case. A lack of knowledge of the policies and procedures regulation their proceedings can make a separated couple feel helpless in controlling the outcome of their cases, thus causing them to lash out. 

In no area is this perhaps more apparent than it is during discussions over child custody. Notwithstanding their negative feelings towards each other, a divorced couple no doubt maintains a strong affinity for their children (as well as concern for their well-being). The thought of only having limited access to their kids may even prompt some to act in ways they otherwise would not. 

Legal troubles befall former local political candidate

The trouble is that such actions can easily impact one’s standing when it comes to securing a favorable outcome to their custody case. A recent incident detailed by the Everett Herald involving a former city council candidate in Washington state illustrates this point. According to reports, the man drove up on his ex-wife and her new boyfriend and began making threats towards them. He reportedly even went as far as threatening to kill one of them. Although the altercation did not escalate beyond threats, local law enforcement officials subsequently arrested the man and charged him with assault. 

Keeping one’s composure during custody proceedings

An accusation of assault might certainly prejudice court officials towards one looking to secure custody of their kids. That is why the hope is that (despite the many emotions associated with such a matter) cooler heads can prevail and a couple can come to an amicable agreement over custody. Having easy access to legal advice and resources might help make this happen.