What are some reasons for a gray divorce in New York?

Gray divorce refers to the dissolution of a marriage between couples over the age of 50. Several factors might contribute to the marriage falling apart, and divorcing could be the appropriate action that the partners take.

Irreconcilable differences may factor into the divorce

As the years go by, a married couple might drift apart. People could change as they age, which can have an effect on their relationship. Communication might become minimal, and one spouse may spend more time involved in other activities and less time with the other partner. Retirement could lead spouses to pursue other interests, creating a strain on the marriage.

Empty nest syndrome may play a role as well. Children grow up and move out of the family home, leaving the parents in an entirely new situation. Children might contribute to factors that keep the family together, so once the children leave, the marriage might suffer.

Points about gray divorce

Gray divorce may occur because of finances. A spouse could spend significant money and drive a couple into debt, or gambling and other troubling financial habits might prove worrisome. However, to say that financial matters are the main reason for most gray divorces would not be an accurate assessment.

Other issues could break the marriage apart, including adultery, substance abuse problems, and mental or physical cruelty. Such things are not limited to married couples of any specific age group.

Older individuals might enter into a second or third marriage and have a higher likelihood of gray divorce. Second and third marriages seem to come with high divorce rates than first-time marriages.

Many reasons exist for dissolving a marriage that has lasted decades, and the couple will likely need help throughout the process. Individuals seeking a divorce may find it necessary to consult with a family law attorney about matters related to alimony, property distribution and more.