When is getting a postnup agreement a good idea?

If you just tied the knot in New York, it’s important to celebrate this occasion. However, you should also focus on protecting your finances should this union come to an end. To achieve this goal, you might consider signing a postnuptial agreement. Here are a few reasons why getting a postnup can be a great idea.

You or your spouse is wealthy

One of the most common signs that a postnup is necessary is if you or your spouse is wealthy. In some instances, both parties bring considerable wealth into a marriage. If either of these situations is true, it’s wise to consider a postnuptial agreement to protect both parties’ assets.

Either of you has children from a previous marriage

You might also consider a postnuptial agreement if you or your spouse have children from a former marriage. With a postnup, you decide what assets you’ll leave behind for your spouse. This also ensures that you’re leaving behind money for your children. Without having a postnuptial agreement in place, your assets might not get divided the way you want them to.

You or your spouse own a company

It’s also common for couples to consider postnuptial agreements if either of them are business owners. By having a postnuptial agreement, you’re protecting any business-related assets earned throughout this new marriage.

Your spouse objected to a prenup

Understandably, the thought of signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married isn’t for everyone. This situation might make your spouse feel like you don’t trust them. Fortunately, after you and your partner get used to married life, bringing up a postnuptial agreement might go over better.