How can you uncover a spouse’s hidden cryptocurrency accounts?

During a divorce, some spouses may attempt to hide money or assets to avoid a fair split. One way a spouse may hide cash is through the use of cryptocurrency. According to CNBC, possibly over 20 million Americans own cryptocurrency.

If you worry that your spouse may be hiding money, there are ways to expose it.

How to suspect cryptocurrency

Most individuals begin to suspect cryptocurrency because their spouses mentioned cryptocurrency before. They may be aware that their ex has cryptocurrency accounts or has an interest in it. Stay on the lookout for any large purchases or investments. If your spouse has unexplained extra money, he or she may be hiding money.

During a divorce, check all joint accounts and track the money that goes in and out. If any money goes missing, bring awareness to it as soon as possible. The sooner you find out, the sooner you can find it.

How to find hidden cryptocurrency accounts

Hidden accounts do not have to remain hidden forever. Forensic teams can scour for electronically stored information or look at devices for login credentials. There will often be confirmation emails or exchanges from bank statements that may lead you to a cryptocurrency account. If you suspect your spouse hid a large amount of money, your suspicion can help you obtain a subpoena to gain access to your spouse’s devices.

If you and your spouse share a significant amount of assets, cryptocurrency can assist your partner in hiding large amounts of money. The more money hidden in cryptocurrency accounts, the more valuable an investigation is.