Addressing child custody violations

If you are navigating through the divorce process as a parent, child custody issues are especially likely to generate uncertainty and high levels of stress. After all, the outcome of a custody dispute can significantly impact a parent’s relationship with his or her child, as well as the child’s future. Sometimes, parents refuse to respect the rights of their child’s other parent.

Whether a parent violates the terms of a temporary custody order before the finalization of their divorce or refuse to respect a court order years afterward, parents who violate custody orders must answer for their actions.

Enforcing a child custody order

If your child’s other parent refuses to respect your rights with respect to child custody or visitation, you have options. According to the New York State Unified Court System, you can file a petition alleging that the other party failed to respect your visitation or custody rights. Next, the court will have a hearing, at which point the party in violation of the court order could face penalties.

Aside from taking enforcement actions against parents who violate custody orders, the court could modify the child custody order as a result of violations.

Examples of child custody violations

Child custody violations take various forms, such as the custodial party refusing to allow a child’s other parent to spend time with them in accordance with a visitation schedule. In other instances, parents do not return their children on time. Some people alienate their child’s other parent, severely damaging the relationship.

If you are struggling with any type of custody violation, you need to take action to safeguard your rights as a parent.