How can you navigate the holidays as a newly divorced parent?

Traditionally, the holidays are about family. When you have children with your former spouse, the holidays may become more complex as you ensure your children enjoy the festivities without feeling like they are missing out on anything. Your family may not look like it did in years prior, but both households can agree to keep the holidays stress-free.

According to Insider, it helps to have a solid plan to stick to.

Make your children the focus

When you focus on your children, it can be much easier to focus on the holidays rather than your former relationship. Do not allow the holidays to become a competition. Instead, think about what is best for your kid and create a positive environment where you can make memories as a family. Children thrive when they have stability in both households. They should never feel like they have to choose between both homes.

Keep the plan in mind

The most crucial detail of the season is to keep a plan. Make sure you and your former spouse understand and adhere to the custody schedule. Try to make the holiday feel as familiar as possible for your kids. Continue with the same traditions you had before, even if you both celebrate in different households or have to split the holiday up. When you have a plan, you can relax and go with it.

Try to put all conflicts with your former spouse aside for the sake of your children. You do not have to share the holidays for your kids to have a good time. If staying away keeps you conflict-free, make sure your celebrations remain separate.