Improving the outcome of your conversation about a prenup

A prenuptial agreement can help you protect your assets and your autonomy. When leveraged the right way, this arrangement can add value to your relationship and encourage trust and unity.

If you eventually decide to divorce, having a prenup may reduce the costs of a split and provide you with a stable foundation to rebuild.

Start early

Asking your significant other about a prenup just weeks before the wedding is probably not the best idea. As your wedding nears, tension might increase as you finalize plans for the big day. The most appropriate time to start a discussion is as early as you can.

Show empathy

Initially, your partner might show skepticism about your suggestion. Your significant other might have questions and want time to think about which decision to make. During this time, show empathy. Listen intently to inquiries and concerns and try to see everything from the other perspective.

Your willingness to give space and time for a decision may ease the urgency that could cause your plan to backfire.

Think realistically

Keep a realistic perspective about what to include in your agreement. According to U.S. News, some topics you might address in your prenup include the following:

  • Renting versus owning real estate property
  • Retirement planning
  • Debt management
  • Career management

Unrealistic and irrational requests could sour your partner’s willingness to participate in making an agreement. Selecting reasonable topics to agree upon may encourage working together and identifying a solution that will protect both of you in the long run.